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A New Age of Learning

VentureQuest Academy is where the bright minds of our nation come to be challenged, nurtured, and guided to success in academics, social development, and critical thinking. Our K-12 curriculum is specialized to meet each student’s individual needs, addressing varying learning gaps with opportunities and resources that allow them to reach their full learning potential. We create an interactive environment where each child is inspired to flourish and grow in knowledge and understanding of the world and life.

Average class size

This class size ensures that each student gets ample instruction from our teachers.


Academic Focus

Our curriculum extensively covers the Languages, Sciences, and the Arts.

Tech Focus

One-to-one mobile devices from K-12th


VentureQuest Academy

We believe that a strong foundation in education is a combination of a detailed and specialized curriculum and a safe environment where students are free to explore their curiosity, discover their talents, and nurture their strengths.

Learning is a lifelong journey, and under the guidance of our capable faculty and staff, the students of VentureQuest Academy are taught how to take it. They don’t just absorb lessons, we teach them how to learn, a valuable skill that will help them keep growing long after their time with us

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